General Business Services

Ιn Holistic Consulting Services we do not provide legal services, but through our many years of experience in solving multidimensional issues in businesses, we undertake to present you with our perspective on the business background of a case.

At the same time, we provide our support in the collection / classification / presentation of the documents of the case, with business logic, so that any legal or other actions that you will be asked to carry out through your lawyer, notary or bailiff, are compatible with your business visions and serve the essential solution of your problems

General Business Protection

Holistic Consulting Services, in the context of the services we provide to businesses, has chosen to propose substantial and effective solutions. Our infrastructure, organization, as well as our collaboration with independent professionals, gives us the possibility to implement the complete solution that your business needs.
From registering your trademark to settling financial debts, Holistic Consulting Services complement each of our services to ensure the healthy and consistent growth of your business and the resolution of any problems you may have. In particular, we provide general consulting services so that you can make business choices that serve you and are effective in relation to:

General Protection of Individuals

In addition to general services to businesses, Holistic Consulting Services provides the full range of corresponding services to individuals, covering all kinds of financial problems.