In the context of business digitization, as well as the ever-increasing competition, there is a need for businesses to present themselves to the consumer public in the best possible way, but also to differentiate themselves, looking for corporate identity design and online advertising services.

Υπηρεσίες Marketing


The ultimate goal of any business is, of course, the final sale of a service or product, which is achieved through connecting the business with the right audience.

Advertising & Strategy

The strategic planning of the advertising course, which every business will follow, based on measurable assessments and analyses, is the first step of marketing, based on which your business moves to the advertising stage and, by extension, to the stage of business recognition.


The primary goal of a business is to increase its branding. This presupposes the existence of a recognizable logo and the implementation of a business plan governed by corporate culture and innovative business directions.

Digital Marketing

In a rapidly technologically developing business market, the formation and management of a company's social media as well as its advertising promotion through the available digital tools, are a useful tool for the development of a stable and scalable consumer audience.


Our Company undertakes business consulting at the level of promotion, providing marketing services, which on the one hand contribute to the targeting of the appropriate consumer audience and on the other hand will define the necessary promotional actions, which will establish the position of each company in the market, as well as its relations with its customers.

What is our approach?

Holistic Consulting Services develops a multi-faceted marketing model to create, organize and manage the purchasing image of your business.