Technology & IT

Holistic Consulting Services' IT services provide a versatile range of services and equipment. In combination with our expertise and methodology, as well as our reliability and consistency, we can cover and solve even the most dysfunctional issues that arise in an organization or simply provide our consulting services at a project management level, when a company needs or has decided to upgrade their way of operation in the context of IT and the systems used.

Information systems

Our experience in the IT industry over the last 20 years and the project management methods we have adopted according to proven best practices and in practice, ensure that every new project develops within the agreed schedule and budget without any interruption from the daily and important jobs that run in your business.

Software development

In the modern era, the automation of the operations of every business is not only helpful, but indeed a necessity, which will contribute to saving work time on the one hand and on the other hand will ensure the maximum possible performance. For this reason, Holistic Consulting Services provides specialized solutions for the development of software programs, designed to exclusively cover your own needs, following the latest developments in technology.

Creation of websites and e-shops

In the modern era, every business, regardless of economic size, needs to have an online presence. Whether it is a service provision company or a commercial store, a website or an online store, on the one hand are now the most important way of approaching a new audience and on the other hand they contribute dynamically to increasing the profitability of businesses, giving new possibilities for shopping, communication with customers and advertising. 

Technical Support

Software and hardware upgrade and maintenance

–         Business software upgrade

–         Upgrade and repair on operating systems (such as Windows & MAC OS)

–         Upgrade, repair or expand your network (routers, access points, switches)

Servers and NA maintenance 

Technical support for software, peripherals and equipment

Technical support services are available on a:


–         Monthly basis at pre-agreed rates and pre-purchase of hours at a cost that is beneficial for businesses that have increased requirements, and

-Ad-hoc, meaning extraordinary meetings whenever required

In both services, the customer can call us and we, either through remote access or by visiting your physical premises, can propose and resolve the issue presented to you.

–         When you need immediate and efficient technical support:

–         Cleanup of malware and viruses (virus/malware attacks)

–         Data recovery (data loss)

–         Data synchronization, back up and archiving

–         Scheduled maintenance and upgrade

–         Local wired and wireless network control

–         Control and setup of operating system and software programs

–         Install or remove or reinstall devices

–         Diagnosis and resolution of hardware problems

–         Consulting and project management for upgrading or expanding an information system

–         Implementation and installation of computer equipment

System and network security