Real Estate Management

The purpose of the real estate department of Holistic Consulting Services is the management of real estate, the processing of purchases, sales, leases, transfers and any other process related to real estate, as well as the purchase of plots of land, for the purpose of erecting buildings for residential or commercial use.

How do we achieve this?

For the fast and reliable implementation of the above property management services, we collaborate with all the specialties we have in-house within our premises. The significant advantage of Holistic Consulting Services in this category as well is the comprehensive solution we can provide to you. That is, the customer also covers his other needs, related to the property management service they request (lease contracts - repairs - court cases concerning his property, and more)

In addition to our experience, Holistic Consulting Services also owns its own properties, which we manage in terms of the purchase of plots of land for the construction of residential or commercial buildings and the sale.